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Best Selling Mystery Novels 2018

Best Selling Mystery Novels 2018

Nothing is more challenging than finding the best selling mystery novels 2018. Novels from this genre remain as the most wanted ones, though readers still consider whether the novels are from their favorite, well-known writers. It is true that famed mystery novel writers still maintain their popularity through the decades. But, we should admit that new writers don’t hesitate to compete with their seniors, with their similarly thrilling and unpredictable mystery stories. They are:

The Outsider (Stephen King)

Let’s start with the master of thriller. Lovers of mystery novels don’t seem to care about reviews of Stephen King’s novels. They don’t think twice to place orders on the latest King’s novels. “This Outsider” tells about the finding of an 11-year old-corpse, with full of wounds, in a park. The investigation leads the police to a person named Terry Maitland. It is somewhat challenging to arrest a totally well-known person in town like Maitland. Even if the police have found some evidences, Maitland is released, as there is no strong evidence of his involvement. Things turn out differently when Ralph Anderson, the detective, insists on investigating this case in a deeper way than what the police do. Here comes the time to guess the end of the story that every reader will fail to guess.  Here is Stephen King talking about his new novel.

Walk in the Fire (Steph Post)

Many readers claimed their satisfaction after reading Walk In the Fire, as they consider that Steph Post has proven his outstanding writing ability, as compared to the experienced Larry Brown or Harry Crews. Steph Post emphasizes on the real problem that most Florida citizens face, that common people don’t know. Readers were startled with the unpredictable characters of the Canon family, as they kept enjoying the unstoppable pulse of plot until the end of the story.

Robicheaux (James Lee Burke)

No mystery novel aficionados want to miss James Lee Burke’s latest novels. The same thing applies to Robicheaux, his latest mystery novel, which revealed the complicated murder case in Louisiana’s towns. It is the story of Dave Robicheaux, a Vietnam-war veteran whose life was drowning, particularly when his wife died mysteriously. He was struggling hard to prove that he was innocent over the death of his wife’s killer. This novel reveals how the writer has successfully created such an unpredictable plot of the common things happen among veterans in the USA.

The Perfect Nanny (Leila Slimani)

Regardless of its ‘artless’ title, The Perfect Nanny is more than just a story about an untrustworthy nanny, who has done a terrible crime over the kids that she is taking care of. The attention-grabbing story line that Leila Slimani has created, successfully mix up the mystery that covers the unspoken problems that involve gender, race, and social status.